What do those thinking of suicide say?

I’ve published Charles’ tweets and facebook posts but these are examples from a wide variety of people who are thinking of suicide. All ages and genders.

These are real life examples shared with me by those who have lived experience and others from relatives of loved ones who have attempted or completed a suicide.

It is my hope that by seeing these examples, you don’t dismiss texts and social media posts as “trying to get attention.”

These are “invitations” to ask the question, “Are you thinking of suicide?” There are opportunities to intervene and prevent suicide.

Your job …

Those final tweets

In those last few weeks, I was reading Charles’ twitter to make sure he was still alive. He didn’t tweet anything after June 3. While we didn’t hear about his suicide until June 5, I think he died on June 4 because I did talk to him that afternoon and had a hard time understanding him.

I thought those tweets indicated he was headed to “rock bottom,” from his addiction, meaning he’d get tired of being out there and reach out for help. I know now those tweets were really “invitations” to ask him if he was thinking of suicide. It’s so obvious … Read more...