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The emotionally naked crew wants your stories, not just mine. Have a loved one with mental illness, addiction or thoughts of suicide? Do you suffer from any of those yourself?

Is your anxiety through the roof and telling your story might help you work through that? Are you grieving and this pandemic is making your grief journey more complex?

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What stories am I looking for?

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1. Stories from people of color

I see that suicide and addiction affects all races. Whether you are African American, Indian or Latino or something else, I’d like to hear how stigma is in your cultural community.

2. Stories from the LGBTQ community

Suicide rates are high in this community and I’d like those who identify as LGTBQ to contribute

3. Speaking opportunities to diverse places of worship

Always looking for opportunities at places of worship and I have one coming up soon. But I feel our outreach is lacking in certain cultural communities.

4. Stories from veterans

It’s a …