Your friend’s child who is using is not dead

You never ask your friend about the son who is not doing well. The child who suffers from addiction. You are afraid it won’t be good news. It never is. That child is either in rehab. Or using drugs. In some recovery house. Or in the hospital. You don’t want to remind your friend. You are worried you may say the wrong thing and then what? So you ask about other children. Other things.

Good God there hasn’t been good news about this child in five years. You are sure this friend wouldn’t want you to ask. It would be Read more...

The insanity and emotional drain of a loved one’s addiction

This from a friend who is suffering the addiction of her son.  These are the stories I heard for years at Families Anonymous. 

Jason has been homeless since the end of November 2016. The insanity peaked last week. He sent over 20 emails to me at work last Wednesday.

Somehow he managed to get himself accepted in to a rehab out in LA and they sent him a ticket. He was in their detox program last Friday and on Sunday he called and said he was going AA.

He has a warrant for violating his probation which is nothing more … Read more...