Send your selfies!

Model your Emotionally Naked T-shirt so I can add it to my gallery. I want to make some quick videos with the tribe! Like the one below.

Seventeen seconds.

I didn’t get all of you in this round. But I will be making more of these! I’ve been playing with this new toy, Adobe Spark.

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Emotionally Naked T-shirts

White, ice blue, gray. unisex and Women’s slim fit (shaped and runs small).

Sizes Unisex: XS-3XL, Women’s Slim Fit: S-2XL

Emotionally Naked t-shirts

Dante wearing white and black t-shirt in unisex is website and blog focused on talking about suicide and all the underlying causes such as mental illness and addiction.  All taboo subjects.

I do so in memory of my youngest son Charles Aubrey Rogers who died by suicide June 5, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. He suffered from depression and addiction. I strive to find hope and joy in the face of the most devastating loss of my life.  I share my journey and the stories and memories of others because many of you are not living in lollipop land with shiny faces and perfect families. I can’t do this alone. It’s the sharing and the wearing from supporters like you that has made a difference, reached those who are hurting, and saved lives. Models are part of the village here and talk about suicide and all the issues that cause it including addiction and mental illness. It’s a team effort. Thanks for being part of the village.

Emotionally Naked t-shirts

Tucker wearing gray unisex
Pamela wearing ice blue women’s slim fit

The gallery of pictures is here.

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Dare to be Emotionally Naked!

You can still get t-shirts through Feb 26. They are in light blue, gray, white from sizes Women’s slim fit XS to men’s 3XL.

This t-shirt was blessed by West African flamingos which almost makes them the new super food. They not only prevent the flu, just wearing one inspires dramatic ...  read more

Shirts that make a statement! Literally

You can get your Emotionally Naked shirt or sweatshirt! 

Who got their shirts? I’m pretty happy with my Carolina blue sweatshirt and my black and white t-shirt. I am going to be the brand. How many times can I answer the question, “What is emotionally naked?” As you can tell I’m pretty excited. Crazy kid excited. Richard, my ...  read more

Be emotionally naked. And wear it out!

Emotionally Naked T-Shirts. Unisex, Women’s shaped shirts, sweath shirts, long sleeved shirts. Gray, white, light blue. All sizes xxs-3XL

Front of shirt. Available in gray, white and light blue. XS to 3XL

Check out the edgiest t-shirt with the coolest vibe ever! Made of homespun soft cotton sewn with love by cute little old ladies in Kansas. OK that last part ...  read more