Why did I ignore the one thing that was working for me?

When Charles admitted he had an addiction to an opiate, my attendance at support group had lapsed.

Because the house was going on the market in the spring, every minute was needed to get the house in shape to sell.  Chaos had moved back into our lives and my instincts were telling me we’d need the money from the home sale to help Charles although we didn’t yet know about the addiction.  So far, we’d spent over $250k on wilderness, therapeutic boarding school and regular boarding school.

Once he said, “Mom, I think I need help, I’m addicted to opiates,” … Read more...

Someone we care about relapsed

After about 16 months of sobriety, a good friend relapsed. I was worried when I had not heard from him. But then with some investigation, we discovered what we hoped we wouldn’t. Relapse. It happens as part of this disease.

Since his phone is broken, we can’t reach out that way. I just want him to know we care about him. So I texted a friend of his today and bingo. She is in touch. I do think he’ll find his way back to recovery. But I worry in this relapse period if he will do things that takes months … Read more...