Charles hated being away from home for things like sleepover camp that was out of town. University of Richmond baseball camp in Richmond was fine. But anything outside of Richmond he hated.

I so needed him to go for that two weeks during the summer. I loved him but he could be exhausting and needed a break. I got hate mail from camp weekly. Not “I hate mom” mail but “I hate camp” mail. His letters were so woeful and disenchanted with camp life, they were entertaining. I wish like anything I had one of those letters now.

All the …

10 things I learned from Charles

Since Charles’ death by suicide, I have adopted some of his traits. Nothing like the loss of a child to inspire you to take inventory of your life.

1. Follow your dreams

Do what you are passionate about and all else will follow. I remember Charles asking me one time what my dreams were. And if I was not actively pursuing them he wanted to know why. To him, it was unfathomable not to follow your dreams no matter what.  He had not a practical bone in his body. Definitely part of his charm.

On Myers Briggs, Charles was an ENTP. On … Read more...