Facebook LIVE: Let’s talk about Recovery Options

Video here (For some reason embed code is not available): https://www.facebook.com/annemossrogers/videos/10210417552692184/


Chris Baker, my guest, has the perspective of someone in recovery who is a house manager of a sober living house which offers a unique perspective of what’s working and what’s not.

Did you know?

  1. Jobs Program in Richmond, VA: Caritas program for those in recovery for job training. It’s free. There are empty seats. It’s called WORKS. Chris recommends
  2. Stas Novitsky from McShinn Foundation
    • Recovery high School: Stas Novitsky. Fully accredited. 9 students graduated in 2015. Contact McShin if interested
    • Vaccine for heroin and fentanyl addiction? (more coming