How people talk about grief and males

Not long ago, I was listening to someone talk about the death of his son who died at age 29 from heart problems. He said something that bothered me that I have heard previously. I really hate to nitpick what someone says in their child’s or other loved one’s memory but it perpetuates a dangerous cultural custom.

He said, “My son never complained about the treatment or surgeries prior to his death.” I had to wonder if his son ever got the chance to express his fear or sadness of early death.

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Men get little support in grief

Visual from the Good Men Project. Click the picture to go to the page.

I was recently talking with a Dad who lost his son. He mentioned that his best friend was often by his side but never openly spoke about the death of his son, leaving him no real options for talking about the devastating loss other than his wife and the occasional chance meetings with someone like me.

I talked with him about the fact that for the most part, men do not get the support that women do. About the fact that as awkward as the subject is to most people, … Read more...