I lost my husband and the father of my children to suicide

by Christine New 

Dennis New died by suicide
Dennis New

When I first met Dennis, we were both in ninth grade at a middle school in Ann Arbor, Michigan and we didn’t like each other very much. I had just graduated from a private school.

We didn’t have any interaction at all. I had my group of friends. He had his. 

In our junior year of high school, we had a class together and ended up sitting next to each other. I believe it was British Literature. Dennis used to bring a different book to class with him every day. He would sit and read … Read more...

We all stand in line

by Joanna Frank

Note from Anne Moss: I met Joanna in my suicide loss support group. Her husband had taken his life immediately after he missed the signal that their son’s respirator had stalled and died as a result. She lost both sons to health issues and her husband to suicide.

We are all really the same
We all stand in a line
Waiting for that unknown moment.
We may think our lives are unique but our deaths are already designed.

We will all breathe our last breath one day…
We will all be in line
To be call home…