The agony of planning to send my child away

I step into Martha’s office. She is dressed in what looks like a Chanel suit. She’s definitely old Richmond–in the most pleasant and comforting way. Someone had recommended that Charles go to a wilderness program and she helps determine the best placement for kids and keeps up with their progress.

Martha is an educational consultant and has done this for many years, hundreds of families.  I had no idea there was such a thing as educational consultants.

She has chairs in a circle like she’s just hosted a support group. I ask her about it and she tells me that … Read more...

How much does mental health and addiction cost families?


Mental health costs our country over 314 billion dollars per year.

Overall, it cost us $275,000+ trying to help our son, Charles.

None of the organizations communicated with each other and the mayhem of mental health and addiction services is overwhelming and disjointed at best.

And scandalously expensive.

I’ve tried to outline some of the monetary costs and would love input from others struggling with these issues, too so that we can have a place that puts all these crazy costs in black and white for others to see.

The staggering costs

Doctors visits, psychiatrist visits, medication, therapist visits, out of network visits, … Read more...