Relapse means an addicted person lacks willpower #MythBustingMondays


Myth: Addiction is a moral failing
Fact: Addiction is a disease

Just as a person doesn’t choose to have an addiction, they also cannot simply choose to stop being addicted. When some of us drink alcohol, we can stop. For others, it triggers something in their brains that screams, “I need more.”

In reality, addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires intensive and thorough treatment. Once a person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, their brain adjusts to the excessive amount of toxins entering their body. As their body’s tolerance for the drug grows, they need to … Read more...

Are people that are addicted to opiates weak?

Do people relapse on opiates because they are weak? Is the fact they can’t stop using because they lack willpower?

Let’s just look at what it takes to go into recovery.

When someone goes into recovery, they face withdrawal first. I can’t speak to this in first person because I’ve never been through it. But Charles had and it looked brutal. Those that finally go into recovery often have no money, no place to live, no car, and few possessions. They might have lost their job and spent time in jail.

The behavior related to their illness has sometimes estranged … Read more...