Scarlet Draws

by Timothy Donald

Scarlet draws and fallen tears

With all my pain and all my fears

I’ve wasted oh so many years

How did I end up right back here

Please don’t leave me. Yes, I’m fiending

All so haunting are my demons

So I lived without a reason

On this track my soul starts bleeding

So I’m fighting and I’m trying

Said there’s lust that’s no denying

I get sick I’m trowing up

And then I start to feel like dying

Feel my heart and yes it’s crying

Needed you but b*tch I’m lying

Needed God now I’m not …

I’d silently cry to myself at night

by Timothy Donald

HARP, Heroin Addicts Recovery Program

I can remember suffering from depression, feeling inadequate and unloved at the age of eight. My parents were young– mom was seventeen and dad was nineteen. My mom was a single parent who struggled, worked all the time and did the best she could. But I was pretty much on my own most of the time because she had to work so much. My father did the bare minimum, I barely saw him and most of his love came in the form of a child support check.

At age eight, my father