Addiction Unmasked

Front of shirt. Note from Anne Moss. I highlighted Billy Derr’s name as well as Charles Rogers on this shirt

by Tim Alexander

Five days a week I’ve been training for the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon, my first ever. I chose to fundraise as a St. Jude’s Hero for the marathon yet I wanted to find a way to honor our loved ones lost to addiction after an amazing individual I met in recovery, Sean S., who died from overdose.

I thought about all the amazing people I’ve met on my journey who’ve lost their lives to to Substance Use … Read more...

The Never-Ending Race

by Timothy Alexander

The sun has yet to peek over the horizon. The air is still. My world is silent by choice; by focus. The streets are bare bones on the bed of the earth. I look past the atmosphere searching for it…Ahh! There’s one. A single star shimmers on its black velvet drop.

I smile slightly because I’m grateful that my eyes can still see the beauty of the universe. It’s funny, the things that I’ve taken for granted, and how they play an integral part of my life now. It hasn’t always been this way.

I have seen …