Post rehab commencement grief

by Brooke Davis

Two weeks ago, I attended my son’s commencement at The Healing Place.

After over a year, my eldest son, Alex, completed all the requirements of their program and received a diploma. He and the other 6 members of the 62nd class dressed in suits and ties as their teachers from the Works Class, the residents and many alumni looked on. We as parents were given seats in the front row. There were easily 200 in attendance.

It has been years since a teacher praised my son to me, for his efforts in class and his intelligence. … Read more...

Even when your child is in recovery, it’s still hard

by Brooke

types of grief

My kid has nearly 11 months clean and sober. For over a year he has been living in a long-term residential treatment center for homeless addicts. For 4 years he has struggled with substance abuse disorder and has sometimes made my life feel like a rollercoaster.

Right now, he is doing well, so I should just be filled with gratitude.

I am grateful for his progress

I am grateful for the tools I have developed to cope with his addiction. I am grateful for meeting other parents whose kids also struggle with addiction, mental illness and homelessness. It … Read more...

How I survive my son’s Substance Use Disorder

by Brooke D.

As the mother of an addict who is has been in and out of recovery for the past three years who has also struggled with depression for most of his life, I have had to learn to focus on my life.

In Al anon I learned that I can be “happy whether the alcoholic is drinking or not.” I have chosen to apply that to all aspects of my son’s mental and physical health.

Specifically, here are some of the things I do to take care of myself on a daily and weekly basis. The more he Read more...