Like heart disease or diabetes, addiction is a disease

by Bill Maher

Addiction is a disease that can fracture a family

It’s mind-bogging to me that families often try to treat the medical disease of addiction at home. Home made works for pies but it’s not an ideal approach when it comes to treating a complex disease process.

If your teenager broke his arm, would you set the bone at the kitchen table? If he had an asthma attack, would you lecture him about getting his act together?

Of course not.

Still, families grapple with addiction at home, in secret, by themselves despite not knowing what to do for … Read more...

Addiction Rehab Center Integrity Check: How to Spot a Sales Pitch

by Bill Maher

In your search for addiction treatment, you might encounter people who are happy to help you find a the right rehab center.

But these ‘addiction counselors’ are actually sales reps who earn a commission for every patient they bring into a treatment center. These are the people you’ll speak to if you call the Free Addiction Helpline you see listed on a web page.

I’ve even seen these sharks in sheep’s clothing loitering in hospital emergency rooms, brochures in hand, ready to prey on the families of overdose patients with offers of free airfare, if only they’d … Read more...