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Shared by Evelyn Zak, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

RVA Light is a Richmond VA coffee shop that supports those in recovery

Here are some national, regional and local Richmond, VA resources for those in the addiction and recovery community. There are many here that have that, “Wow, that’s cool vibe.” So if it’s not in your area, it may be an idea that inspires you. At the bottom are recommended books and movies.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)– National

12-step support– National

SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) -National

Our mutual support meetings are free and open to anyone seeking science-based, self-empowered addiction recovery.

Refuge Recovery-National but located in Oregon

Refuge Recovery is a non-profit organization grounded in the belief that Buddhist principles and practices create a strong foundation for a path to freedom from addiction.

Celebrate Recovery -National

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.

Y12SR (Yoga of 12-step Recovery) -National

Addiction is often spoken of as a physical, mental and spiritual disease – making yoga a powerful adjunct to 12-step programs. 

CRAFT (​Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)-National

Teaches family and friends effective strategies for helping their loved one to change and for feeling better themselves. CRAFT works to affect the loved one’s behavior by changing the way the family interacts with him or her.

The Fix Website-National

Center for Motivation & Change– National

A unique, private group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers in New York City specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviors. As a group of dedicated clinicians and researchers, we are driven by an optimism about people’s capacity to change and a commitment to the science of change.

Family Education Programs at Caron -Pennsylvania

At Caron, we believe that the patient is the family and the family is the patient, meaning that families are just as deserving and in need of care as their addicted loved ones. Our interactive, educational Family Education Programs at Caron Pennsylvania allow families dealing with an addict to participate in the healing process. Through our programs, patients and families receive a solid understanding of addiction, coping skills, healthy boundaries, the process of enabling addiction and 12-Step programs. 

RAMS in Recovery at VCU, Richmond, VA

Rams in Recovery is VCU’s Collegiate Recovery Program which works to ensure that students do not have to choose between their recovery and their education. We support students inside and outside the classroom, organize events and trips, offer recovery housing and scholarships, and provide space and support for recovery meetings. Listing of campus and near campus recovery meetings and events listed on website.

REAL LIFE Community Center , Richmond, VA

406 E. Main Street, Richmond
The REAL Life Community Center (RLCC) opened in December 2017 as a catalyst for overcoming adversities, (primarily due to substance use disorders, homelessness, or incarceration), sustaining sobriety, and providing a pathway to a thriving future through cultivating stronger families, gaining meaningful employment, and improving personal interaction skills, while building a foundation of faith. Due to an additional need we quickly began to see with women who are pregnant and battling addiction, or pregnant and recently released from incarceration, we also have an ​Expectant Mother​ Program that utilizes a specialized Case Manager who works directly with women in these situations.

RVA Light , Richmond, VA

504 W. Broad Street, Richmond
RVA Light is a leveling ground where we meet people “where they’re at” by offering a welcoming environment with a neutral coffee shop setting. Coffee shops provide physical warmth and comfort, and coffee is a social beverage that sets the mood for conversation. We also host a variety of classes on life skills designed to empower our neighbors to meet their own personal goals and to find stability and hope in their lives. Coffee, Community, Christ

The Healing Place, Richmond, VA

The Healing Place is a long-term peer-driven residential recovery program serving the Greater Richmond community. The Healing Place program includes a workforce development program, a transitional sober living community, and an active Alumni Association to support lifelong sobriety. They offer services at no cost. Services are currently available for men and will be available for women by 2020.​

Daily Planet Health Services, Richmond, VA

Their mission is to provide accessible, comprehensive, and integrated quality health services to anyone regardless of their housing, financial or insurance status.

SAARA Center of VA

The Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance (SAARA) of Virginia is a grassroots recovery community organization. ​We transform communities through hope, education and advocacy for addiction prevention, treatment and recovery​. All friends of recovery are invited and welcome to join us. Our members include individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, their families, friends and dedicated community supporters. 

Community Service Boards, Central VA area

Community service boards are the county mental health resources.

  • Henrico Area Mental Health
  • Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
  • Chesterfield Mental Health Support
  • Goochland-Powhatan Community Services
  • Community Service Board Hanover

Relevant Reading:

  • Refuge Recovery​ by Noah Levine
  • In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts​ by Gabor Mate’
  • The Great Work of Your Life​ by Stephen Cope
  • The American Fix by Ryan Hampton
  • Clean ​by David Sheff
  • Unbroken Brain​ by Maia Szalavitz
  • The Body Keeps the Score​ by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD
  • The Recovering​ by Leslie Jamison
  • Codependent No More​ by Melody Beattie
  • Inside Rehab​ by Anne Fletcher The Bench​ by Joel Elston
  • Integral Recovery​ by John Dupuy Chasing the Screen​ by Johan Hari

A Few Films/Videos:

  • 28 Days
  • When a Man Loves a Woman
  • Beautiful Boy
  • Everything Must Go
  • The Anonymous People
  • My Name is Bill W
  • When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story Clean and Sober
  • Owning Mahoney
  • Flight
  • Unguarded (by ESPN)
  • Andy Irons: Kissed by God Pleasure Unwoven Memo to Self

You can find Evelyn Zak at here at her website

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