Enabling, boundaries, recovery, rock bottom

What are the definitions of these terms? And is there really an addiction dictionary?

The universal definition of enabling means giving someone the authority to do something. It can be looked at as a good thing in a business situation, for example. In the case of addiction or mental illness, it’s often a label we use in judgement of ourselves or others. So in behavioral health, we think enabling means are we helping the sufferer continue in their disease process.

Drilled down further, how are we doing that? By not kicking someone out of the house? By not putting our … Read more...

There is nothing you can do until they ‘hit bottom’ #MythBustingMondays

by Teresa McBean

I have few commitments; I have a host of good intentions.  One of my commitments is weekly attendance at our Family Education Program on Thursday nights. I attend unless I am out of town or sick enough to require an IV and suffer from a fearful expectation that I should be getting my affairs in order.  This is how committed I am to busting myths about Substance Use Disorder and providing hope and healing for families struggling with this dread disease.

These educational meetings support recovery by educating family members and loved ones of folks who have … Read more...

Addiction: What is rock bottom?

Everyone tells you that tough love is the way to go with those with substance abuse disorder (aka addiction).  What no one tells you is when to help your addict.


No one defines “rock bottom” or when it might be time to actually help your addict.

Everyone’s bottom is different. But everyone concentrates so much on the boundaries, which you need to do, few consider when they might reach in and help their addict get into recovery.

What might that cry for help sound like?

What would make a cry for help different than the multiple calls you’ve gotten before? How do … Read more...