What is suicidal thinking?

Suicidal thinking is a brain attack that causes an episode of emotional pain so great, people who suffer from the thoughts think that death is the only option. They think they are worthless and that your life would be better without them.

That moment comes on with extreme intensity and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours but a typical timeframe would be twenty minutes.

In that moment of unbearable pain, the sufferer’s brain betrays them and tells them the only way out is to kill themselves which, of course, is not the case. But remember, a major … Read more...

Charles wanted to live

The hardest part of living with Charles’ suicide is knowing he didn’t want to die. The truth is, that most who attempt or complete a suicide don’t want to kill themselves. They simply want to end their relentless emotional pain.

In piecing together that final day, I know my son wanted to live and wanted help. He didn’t ask for it directly but he certainly sent off flares that sailed right over our heads because suicide was not on our radar.

Emotionally, our own brains were frozen on what to do

Charles hinted at suicide in texts to me like … Read more...