Is tough love the right thing to do?

Diane’s regret after her son’s death:

Joshua Giannini

by Diane Fielder-McCormick – My biggest regret during the seasons that my son Joshua was using drugs is when I acted in “tough love” ways. In the picture I posted today on Facebook of him on my front porch a year ago, I had kicked him out for stealing money from me. I took him to a homeless shelter/drug rehab place but he walked away. Before he even went in.

And he slept in the woods, literally, all winter. Looking back,  I’m thinking that some of our behaviors add to their shame, … Read more...

Addiction: 5 things you need to know


Those of you who have suffered through the addiction of a loved one know how exhausting it is. The fact that they are such amazing manipulators blurs all the lines whips your emotions from one end to another.

But if you’ve set boundaries to protect yourself from the mayhem also knows as addiction, you need to keep these things in mind:

1. It’s really very hard to go from “tough love” to “rescue mode.”

They are polar opposites in terms of emotions. But often that’s what we have to do to save a loved one. Knowing that might be how it will happen, can help … Read more...