Postpartum depression and suicide

charles as a baby

While I personally have not ever felt suicidal, I have felt pregnancy depression and postpartum depression. I would tell you if I had ever felt like killing myself. I am, after all, emotionally naked.

It was only after watching the news segment about Allison Goldstein’s suicide after moving to another coast– away from her family–that this memory came back. When I saw the segment on TV, they didn’t emphasize the move but I knew it had to be a big contributor to her suicide. Because I felt intense postpartum depression once we moved from family and my support network … Read more...

My daughter, Allison Goldstein, died from post postpartum depression

by David Matthews

Allison Goldstein died by suicide after suffering PPD just weeks after moving

It’s said that in combat you never hear the rifle shot that kills you. When learning of the loss of a loved one, however, the opposite is true – the phone rings, you answer it and then nothing – you just go numb.

We received the call that our daughter, Allison Goldstein, had taken her own life before we read the email she sent– the suicide note with “Things I Couldn’t Say” in the subject line.

She lost a struggle with Postpartum Depression we … Read more...