Why don’t I talk much about religion?

If you express certain views, especially about religion, it can really rock someone else’s world. Politics can be the same way.

I remember when I lived in Alabama for a year. I can’t say it was my favorite state.

So I’m 16 and in high school and this classmate of mine asks me what religion we are. I tell her we are Episcopalian and my Dad is Atheist. I always respected that my Dad had his own beliefs.

I think once the methodist minister had an extramarital affair and then ran off with his young mistress in the dead of … Read more...

Where are you really?


I know everyone says I’ll see Charles again. And I do believe that.

Most of the time.

But there are times I don’t. Times when my mouth goes dry, my heart aches and I think, “What if nothing happens when people die?” Done with the dust and unable to feel the love.

Maybe we make up the “after life” because we fear the end. Fear death. Maybe we say we will see our loved ones again because we need to believe it, because it brings us comfort.

Am I the only one who ever thinks about this? Am I a terrible person that my … Read more...

Would you ask someone with a heart condition to pray their way out of it?


You wouldn’t ask a diabetic to pray for more insulin, so why would you ask someone with a chemical imbalance in their brain to deny themselves the medication or treatment they need? Why make someone feel guilty for taking medication that literally keeps them alive and functioning?

The brain, like the heart, is a major organ that sometimes needs medical intervention. Mental illness, addiction and suicide are not moral failings. They are illnesses or the result of one.

Oftentimes, those who suffer depression or some other mental illness are encouraged to pray their way out of it. Still others imply that this was God’s way … Read more...