Dear parents who think their child is just looking for attention

Your child had just told you they have thoughts of killing themselves. And your first reaction is to think all this is teen or young adult drama and you say, “You’re just trying to get attention.”

Please take it seriously when your son or daughter tells you they want to die and realize the courage it took to reveal the deepest darkest secret in their soul.

If you felt this way, would you find it easy to tell someone? Wouldn’t these thoughts scare you? A young man who is seventeen and suffers from thoughts of suicide told me … Read more...

Spotlight hog?

There is one thing about this blog I’ve struggled with. Am I being selfish by sharing all that I do? Am I being a spotlight hog?

As a child I was often admonished for “wanting attention.” I was told, “the world doesn’t revolve around you,” shaming me into a world of feminine propriety to keep things to myself.

I have finally come to a conclusion.

I talk, I write because I want to hear from others about their journey and I am healing emotionally as a result of being able to help others. I’ve always wanted to take inventory of how … Read more...