I need your stories

Your stories help others. And I want to share them.

If you are in recovery, what was your rock bottom? Did you lose custody and how did you feel? How have you been treated? How many funerals of friends have you been to?

If you have lived experience as someone who suffers mental illness, tell us what it’s like to have an invisible illness.

If you have a child or loved one that suffers from a mental illness or addiction or you have lost a loved one, I’d like you to tell your story.

A piece of that story. Something …

Suicide prevention week

suicide prevention week

Everything I do for addiction and suicide prevention is in memory of my son Charles Rogers who died by suicide June 5, 2015.

After my world was shattered, I thought I’d reach a point when I didn’t think of Charles every day. I had no idea what grief was all about. I still do think about him every single day and I will until the day I die. Quite frankly, I want to.

When it first happened, I was shocked. I didn’t know the signs of suicide or what it was exactly. I heard the despair in his voice and … Read more...

I am honored

thank you

To get to know you and your loved ones that died by suicide or suffered a substance-related death.

I’ve gotten to know their souls and yours.

There are many threads of commonality I have noticed. The soulful hugs, the smiles, the reaching out to others. Love of music. Creativity, love of animals. Most were deep feelers.

Some who have told their stories here have never shared them with another human being. Others are retelling theirs with a different perspective.

Some of you have lived experience and still struggle. Others of you have found recovery for some time.

All of you have helped …