Does virtual learning create a culture of increased drug use?

by Sarah Scarbrough, Ph.D., Founder of REAL LIFE

We all have heard the news – schools across Virginia, and the country, are returning via a virtual environment. And, we know it is going to be tough. This article is not here to debate the decision or the whys but to raise awareness and open your eyes to something that worries me greatly: idle time, kids home alone with alcohol and drugs.

This article is going to be bold, but I have seen way too much to sit here and be silent. Parents need to have eyes wide open going into … Read more...

Program and rehabilitation gal  

by Sarah Scarbrough Ph.D

Sarah Scarbrough Phd, The REAL Program

As I sit back and think of my almost ten years working in this field of addiction, re-entry and the criminal justice sysrem,  I can’t but stop and think of how much I have learned, and therefore my ability to now contribute to the education of others. I ponder on how far we have come over the years with reform, social justice, alternatives to incarceration, re-entry, and programming.

At the same time, however, I sadly reflect on how much more we have to do.

A couple of months ago, I …