Asking for some help

Back in the old days, before Charles’ suicide, I owned a digital marketing company called Impression Marketing.

I had a special interest in creative content marketing and ranking well on search engines like Google. So when people put in certain keywords, our clients woule come up first or really close to first. But after Charles death, I just didn’t have the passion for the business any more. So I sold my partnership to a great local business called Webstrategies Inc.

Today, I was emailing Chris back and forth, President and Google partner at Webstrategies. I wanted to know what he … Read more...

We need to make suicide a household word

You’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to make a dour, gloomy, depressing subject like suicide a household word?”

Talking about suicide does not give someone the idea.conversation-about-suicide

The idea is already in their heads.

By repeating it, taking it out of the dark and putting it in the spotlight, we give people permission to reach out, we remove the secrecy and stigma and make the idea look like a less logical solution.

Just as important as talking about it, is the listening part

Listening is a skill we don’t do enough of. We tend to lecture our teens for … Read more...