Had to pinch myself on the first day of Preventure training

In September 2016, I read this article in the New York Times and had a eureka. The program I had thought about for years had actually been developed. Not that I had worked it out to the detail it is or had any of the research behind it that this program does! But I thought if only we had some life skills to offer those with personality traits that potentially could get kids into trouble. Good kids who were probably very talented and had a lot of promise.

It took a couple of days research to find the Preventure programRead more...

Can you do something now to prevent young children from becoming addicts later?

I knew at an early age that Charles had the predisposition for substance abuse disorder. I was, however, unaware of a family history of depression and anxiety. And until recently, I never knew any family members had attempted suicide.

The diagnosis of ADHD apparently increases the risk of illegal drug use by three times and Charles had that. So already, he was in a high risk category.

At the point I started to feel he was the type to get into drugs later, I thought I could change that course and I dove head first into that cause. Given the … Read more...