Dear Charles, it’s me again

Your videos have saved lives. So have your lyrics. I know that’s what you wanted. You wanted to touch the souls of others and you have.

I’ve been pouring over your words while I edit this book. Some days I ball my eyes out while I write but that’s OK because it’s my connection to you. Those lyrics are such a gift. Thank you for that.

I’m sorry your lyrics did not save you but people have reached out and told me how talented and special you were.

Were. I hate that I have to use past tense.

It’s …

The letter from heaven I wish I would get

Dear Mom,

heavensentI bet you are surprised to get this letter from me. I tried sending a dove to carry it but they are not as cooperative as you might think.

Guess what? I met John Belushi and Tupac, the rap artist. Tupac and I have been freestyling together. I am much better than he is by far. Belushi is as funny as you said he was.

I am sorry I made the exit I did. But you have my music which I hope helps you understand why I had to kill myself. In that moment, the depression and withdrawal … Read more...

Dear Charles. My letter to heaven

Charles was wearing these shoes when he died. Ironic even in death

I bet I am not the first mom to write their child in heaven. But this is my first letter to you since you died. I hope you get it because I am not sure how to have something sent to heaven.

It’s been about 8 months since you left us and I miss you. All the time. Every day. And I always will. There are days I wake up and the realization that you are gone just hits me like a freight train in my heart.

I am …