The words didn’t seem real to me

by Jenna Malley

I woke up at 5:30am to go to the gym with my mom at 6am. Don’t ask me why – I must’ve been crazy or something – but I’d been going with her all week, so I figured, why not?

After the gym, we usually went to Dunkin Donuts for the much needed caffeine jolt, but she’d stayed late to talk to her trainer, so instead we just went directly home so she could get ready for work and I could… well sleep more. It was my summer vacation in 2014 and I was only working three … Read more...

I saved her from suicide. Then she died

by Kacy Claassen

Note from Anne Moss: Kacy is 20 years old and from Kansas. She’s also legally blind. She wrote this on a special phone for the blind. Pretty amazing story how she found the site. I hope you will comment and show your support in her grief. 

Lacie Mae was lucky to be alive. Until a few months ago….

This is a poem that she wrote to me about how I saved her life.

Poem by Lacie Mae

You stood there behind me
As I threatened to jump

Although everyone had left
You still chose to stay

And …