Did stigma have anything to do with Charles’ suicide?

When Charles first realized he suffered from depression, stigma drove his decision to never take an antidepressant.

From the beginning, we were pill shamed and later he was shamed for his drug use. Both of us were.

He was punished for having a panic attack with suspension. Then he was punished with a week in detention for using his iPod at lunch one foot past the line that was designated iPod area to manage his anxiety and prevent a panic attack.

It jaded him against the system and drove him towards drug use to manage the feelings. He lost faith … Read more...

Stigma writes me a letter

Photo credit. youmatter.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Hi Anne Moss,

I hear you are fighting me. So how’s that going? Sort of like taking salt out of the ocean by the teaspoon, isn’t it?

I admire that you have the audacity to take me on. People are so set in their ways, so invested in their fundamental black and white belief system, I won’t fall easily.

Denial is part of my charm, judgment so crucial to my success and shame is where I thrive. I flourish in an environment where people react only to the latest crisis and then forget it two weeks later. This culture is perfect … Read more...

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more

I love this scene. One of my favorites of all time from the memorable 70’s movie, Network. I have not seen a movie this good in years. It illustrates how frustrated I feel about the loss of so many lives of young people especially in the last few years

How many thousands more kids do we have to lose to overdose and suicide before we make genuine change? Before we talk more openly? Before we demand more affordable treatment options for people with mental illness? Before we declare addiction as a disorder and not a moral failing?

How do …