What to look for in a mental health speaker

Given the sensitivity around topics such as addiction, mental illness, and suicide, meeting professionals should strive to hire a mental health speaker who pays attention to safe messages. So here are some thoughts on how meeting professionals and event planners can find the right behavioral health speaker.  

Mental health speakers should avoid graphic descriptions

While you want your speaker to deliver a thoughtful and educational presentation, avoid hiring or inviting mental health speakers who go into graphic detail about suicide method or cleanup which could potentially be triggering, especially for young students and … Read more...

Mental health and suicide prevention speaker

Suicide Prevention Speaker, Mental Health Speaker, TEDx Speaker

Motivational Mental Health Speaker

Anne Moss Rogers is the Emotionally Naked® Speaker. As a motivational mental health speaker and suicide prevention speaker, she captures hearts and fills them with hope. Her goal is to help audiences and student populations foster a culture of connection to prevent suicide, reduce substance misuse, and find life after loss. She is the 2019 YWCA Pat Asch Fellow, author of the book, Diary of a Broken Mind.

She has spoken at healthcare conferences, the National Institute of Mental Health, hospitals, jails, high schools, colleges, conferences, associations, women’s clubs, … Read more...