Why do we think we have to go it alone? Gut out our losses with no support? Suffer troubles without reaching out or sharing?

For some reason, we’ve become a culture that thinks asking or looking for support is weak. Why is that weak?

Connection is a key human need.

Denying that need is false bravado.

While I consider myself a strong person, having survived a brain tumor and two surgeries from it, an attempted rape and murder attack at knifepoint, a broken neck and a loss of a child by suicide, I have learned it’s ridiculous to go it alone.

I cry. …

Human connection

We all crave it. No matter what age we are, we want to be accepted. We look for love and happiness.

That is achieved through human connection.

Sometimes it starts with your opening up. Sometimes it means active listening. I don’t mean you have to be as public as I am. That’s not for everyone. However, you can reach out to one human being.

Connecting with another or focusing on someone else helps you get out of your own head.

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