Told dad I was depressed and he laughed….

That’s what I saw in my statistics. I cannot always see keywords and the ones in green are, in fact, called keywords.

“told dad I was depressed he laughed at me”

These are words typed in a search and it lead her to this post of someone who had experienced an undesirable reaction after telling a parent about their mental illness. You used to be able to see all of the search words, but Google changed that. Occasionally, I can see a phrase and this one gave me pause. My heart sank. Some kid searching for answers on the … Read more...

Not exactly a suicide note


Here’s how I understand the why of his suicide. His brain telling him he wanted to go, had to go. It would be better somewhere else. It was too painful here.

It is through these songs, as painful as they are to read, that I understand his depression. I wish he would’ve given life here another shot.

Run Free

Problems just pilin’ all around me
Wish I could just wilin’ in Hawaiian islands
Taking shots of crown
Let the alcohol drown
Take a look around
All this bullshit surround got me down
Wish I could just run free fun free, … Read more...