Sad dog

Randy took Andy for a walk the other day down our alley. As he’s walking the dog, he hears a group of kids playing basketball and yelling out court instructions in their back yard.

Just like it once was in our driveway.

To Randy, it immediately inspired memories of how Charles would go out and shoot hoops. By the way, he was a terrible basketball player. Much better at baseball. But he loved to get a game of friends together and play.

So Andy is pulling at his leash and Randy just undoes the leash and lets him go. The … Read more...

How I have dealt with my master’s suicide

by Andy Dog

My humans came home and they fell to the floor. I didn’t know what happened. I just knew it was really bad and they needed me. We were all piled on top of each other and the humans yelled and cried which upset me. And then, he never came back home. I never heard that squeaky voice calling me again.  He had gone away for a while but he always came back or I went to see him. Something really bad happened. The boy that was always awake was now gone.

I remember earlier that day when …