Headstone heart— #griefheart number 270

Headstone heart

When I started the #griefheart project, it had been my hope that more people would honor their loved ones with this project. To give permission to loved ones to honor the memory of those who died by stigmatized illness such as suicide or overdose. (See examples below)

But few have taken me up on it. And I would love for more to honor the memory of their loved ones. So if you could spread the word.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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Heart damage— #griefheart number 205

My heart has suffered permanent damage since the death of my son by suicide. That does not mean I cannot ever find joy. It doesn’t mean I can’t ever have fun. It just means I need to adjust to having a heart that will hurt.

I met with a new friend today. And she reminded me that if this had not happened, I would not have met many of the wonderful new people I have met including all the lovely people who have contributed hearts to this project. I love that it’s become a group effort. This one from Texas. … Read more...