It’s how you survive that counts

We used to be four. Now we are three. I still struggle with that.

I regret I did not have more children. Not that other children would “replace” the one I lost to suicide .  It’s just I feel our family is so much smaller now.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful and grateful for what I have. I know parents who lost their only child. I know parents who’ve lost more than one. People say, “I’d never survive that.” Yes, you would. Because you have no other choice.

So we do survive. But how do we survive?

We cannot …

Corsage heart — #griefheart number 237

As a parent of a child who suffered from depression and drug abuse, I grieved for the loss of that high school experience other parents’ had. The experience his brother got but he was robbed of.

Charles’ life-threatening behavior had escalated right before his junior prom and that’s about the time we had him kidnapped out of his bed and taken to a wilderness program. At this point, Charles was not addicted to anything nor was he diagnosed with a mental illness. But we knew something was seriously wrong and he was experimenting with very dangerous substances. He was taking … Read more...