Celery heart— #griefheart number 227

celery hearts
Celery heart

Charles loved wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Hated the celery that came with them. Hated just about any vegetable and made fun of me for liking celery.

I remember when someone told me that if Charles had a better diet it might help with his depression. I definitely agree. Despite raising him with the read more

Love of junk food— #griefheart number 225

love of junk food
Love of junk food

No one had a worse diet than Charles. He was not raised that way and I refused to buy it. Charles would find it at someone else’s house.

His favorite was candy, of course. But chips and anything that was processed was a-OK. Donuts, Doritos, Cheetos, Funyuns, Chex Mix etc. He even wrote read more

Locked in my heart— #griefheart number 224

Peggy took this in Arizona after their locked bikes were stolen off their RV. Her sister commented,”Love the photo of the locks – keeps the perspective that our best ‘possessions’ are locked in our hearts.”

So true. I can lose stuff. Losing my child makes ?stuff? read more

Love remains— #griefheart number 219

love remains

Despite the fact Charles has left this earth, my love for him remains. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to put it and it makes me ache.

This photo a gift from my friend Dani. She spotted 25 feet away while walking in the woods.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

See all # read more

Mystery heart— #griefheart number 218

So my friend Connie goes out to her mailbox and low and behold this is on her driveway. From where? She doesn’t know. When she went back out, it was gone. Her son is out there somewhere. Unfortunately, her family has suffered intensely from her son’s addiction for over 12 years.

Those read more

Everlasting love — #griefheart number 202

Everlasting love

This one was sent to me by a childhood friend, Leigh. She saw it and sent it because it reminded her of the #griefheart project.

“The permanence of this stone heart is just as the love between you and Charles–everlasting.”

Losing a child to suicide makes connecting hard because so read more

Corn hole heart— #griefheart number 201

Corn hole heart

In Georgia with family today and everyone is playing games. Charles loved, loved, loved games. He didn’t even have to be good at them to love them. This is one of the corn hole boards.

He would have enjoyed it so much? being with family and playing games, in and out of the grandparent?s read more

Kicked in the heart — #griefheart number 197

Kicked in the heart

So many times I feel like my heart has been stomped on. It literally feels like a kick in the chest. Fortunately, it does rebound. I still have a lot of love to give and I have faith that I will figure out this journey.

For all the others out there suffering from the loss of a loved one by suicide, read more

Andi’s sweet heart — #griefheart number 195

Andi made a very special #griefheart for me. What could be more suitable for suicide awareness than a custom made graphic with a heart? I, too, am glad Andi is alive. She is giving back and supporting others. She is a suicide attempt survivor and suffers from borderline personality disorder and read more

Conversation heart — #griefheart number 194

Conversation heart

Since I became a mental health advocate in 2010, I have been promoting conversation about mental illness and addiction?the main causes of suicide. There was little of it despite my efforts but I see things changing. Unfortunately it was not before my son, Charles, died by suicide in 2015. read more