Grief writes me a love letter

Dear Anne Moss,

I didn’t mean to hurt you. I numbed you at first because I had to protect you. One can take only so much pain and agony at once.

I watched you in your agonizing moments knowing that these would be building blocks to emotional healing. You suffered under my weight and tried unsuccessfully to lift it yourself when you got tired of it. But I do have a mind of my own and just when you thought you couldn’t take another minute, the weight would lift.

At first, you thought getting better meant getting past me. But then you learned that … Read more...

Teen heart— #griefheart number 222

I spoke to the Swift Creek YMCA leader’s club last night. This was my second visit. A few of these members were in the now famous video by Cosby High School student Alex Chaffee.

We talked about Charles, suicide, mental illness and addiction. We reviewed the contrast of Charles’ tweets when he was feeling good with those tweets that were posted towards the end of his life so they know what to look for in friends as well his social media posts that illustrate wanting to die–posts we often dismiss as a joke.

Then we read some scripts. Each person …