Start the day with what you are grateful for

Studies have shown that people who write down and think of things they are grateful for have a more positive outlook on life. I knew someone in my Families Anonymous group that did this every day and she swore by it.

Some say do five things per day, some say three and I say at least do one per day. Even others do one list of five on Monday. How is up to you but writing down one thing per day, sets the tone for your day. If you are in grief now, it might be all you can do to … Read more...

Grief writes me a love letter

Dear Anne Moss,

I didn’t mean to hurt you. I numbed you at first because I had to protect you. One can take only so much pain and agony at once.

I watched you in your agonizing moments knowing that these would be building blocks to emotional healing. You suffered under my weight and tried unsuccessfully to lift it yourself when you got tired of it. But I do have a mind of my own and just when you thought you couldn’t take another minute, the weight would lift.

At first, you thought getting better meant getting past me. But then you learned that … Read more...

The emotional roller coaster

Those big family gatherings are great–the times when all the cousins are together laughing and telling jokes. We are all together celebrating my in law’s 60th anniversary. I am enjoying the noise and then all of a sudden it hits, that sadness of the one that’s not here anymore.

I have that ache and disbelief that he’s gone. “Oh how much he would have loved this,” I think. Has he been forgotten? My mother in law makes sure he is not forgotten and hands me a donation to a mental health organization in his name.

He’s in pictures of the past …