Sad dog

Randy took Andy for a walk the other day down our alley. As he’s walking the dog, he hears a group of kids playing basketball and yelling out court instructions in their back yard.

Just like it once was in our driveway.

To Randy, it immediately inspired memories of how Charles would go out and shoot hoops. By the way, he was a terrible basketball player. Much better at baseball. But he loved to get a game of friends together and play.

So Andy is pulling at his leash and Randy just undoes the leash and lets him go. The … Read more...

My owner died by suicide. Will you walk with us in his honor?

Hi, my name is Andy Rogers and I am going to walk with my family in the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk in Richmond, VA for suicide awareness and prevention. I would love for you to be on Team Charles with me or donate to Andy Rogers’ page if you cannot be there to walk.

Charles used to throw the ball with me all the time. And I used to sleep with him in his bed. He would sneak food to me when our mom was not looking. He took me on walks, laughed when I chased rabbits and … Read more...