Happy Birthday to my three-year-old blog!

my log has reached a half million
Google Analytics from Feb 4, 2016- Jan 30, 2019. This blog has had a half million visits. Number of pages viewed? 690,135

It’s 2016 and I’m just starting off on my morning run. Good God it’s cold. It’s one of those days when my eyelashes freeze. I’m covered up completely and the only thing you can see is my eyes.

I don’t run or walk listening to music or podcasts– just me and my thoughts. And I get an idea which is what happens when I leave my brain some room to think and create. If I constantly have noise … Read more...

Why I started this blog

Many years ago when I was around 12, I got a diary with a lock on it. And even though it had a lock on it, I feared that it would be broken into. Within a week my brother did just that. From then on, I didn’t write anything “real” in that diary. I was too afraid to expose my inner most thoughts.

Decades later, when I lost my son Charles to suicide, no one asked me about my son, as if I erased him from my family tree. Not only was I hurting, I was angry.

As a parent, …