Irritable, moody, and flustered

Coping with Charles’ birthday month has been different this year (he would have been 24 on April 26). Just a few days in, I’m sad sometimes but more often just plain agitated.

Sleep is weird but I’m following Karla Helbert’s breathing techniques which are helping. I’m doing a lot of my self-talk (alter ego conversations) because I get into destructive negative thinking patterns and I have to tell my other self that there are enough people who will put me down and I don’t need to be one of them. I do follow my own advice on that … Read more...

The edge of grieving season

I feel it rolling in. It’s so subtle at first– a little extra heaviness and the tears are just a bit closer to the surface.

When the harsh daily news hits my ears, mass shootings, terrorist uprisings, more suicides and overdose deaths, they all resonate more. How much more grief can our culture endure? I wasn’t even paying attention to the date or the fact that the upcoming month, April, is a so close. But I looked up and there it is just days away. It’s Charles’ birthday month and he would have been 24. What would he look like? … Read more...