Bereaved Parents, July is Our Month

The weight of the grief at first was so unbearable, I was sure i couldn’t survive. I never knew emotional pain inspired so much physical hurt. And this statue expresses that so well. Grief, like love, inspires beautiful and meaningful art.

It hurts all year, some months more than others, but July is our month of acknowledgement and our opportunity to educate.

I’m going to post here a few of the hundreds of grief posts from this site. I literally wrote my way through the grief process and still do. I will be doing things throughout the month in honor … Read more...

Real Life Podcast. Grief from a stigmatized death

This 15 minute podcast focuses on the stigma of Substance Use Disorder and grief over a child lost to this disease.

Or follow this link

The REAL Life Program in Richmond, Virginia was founded in 2016 by Dr. Sarah Scarbrough in response to the growing number of challenges faced by men and women exiting incarceration. Read more on their mission here.

To build awareness of the issues in the Recovery community, they’ve started a podcast and I was honored to be their first guest. This one is hosted by Tim Alexander, a person in recovery and one of … Read more...

July is Bereaved Parents Month

Prior to losing my son in 2015, I didn’t even know there was a bereaved parent’s month. I’m glad you found us, though. Because many of us who subscribe to this tribe know this pain.

The sculpture above is called Melancholy by Albert György and it is on display in Geneva, Switzerland. It aptly captures the unfillable hole that is left when a parent loses a child.

I will say my hole felt that big at first.  Thankfully, it doesn’t feel that big now. Time has softened the pain. But losing a child is not like other losses because it’s … Read more...