High School Student, 15 yo
First ever suicide loss survivor invited to speak at NIMH. Picture L to R: Elizabeth Ballard Ph.D NIMH; Maryland Pao, Ph D, MPH, Clinical Dir. NIMH; Lisa Horowitz, Ph D, MPH, NIMH; David Brent, MD, University of Pittsburg; Anne Moss Rogers, Pres. Beacon Tree Foundation

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Why Anne Moss Rogers?

I re-started as a public speaker after my son’s death by suicide, having given hundreds of marketing presentations in my former life as a digital marketing and social media expert. What I bring is passion, reality and a sense of purpose for change as it relates to suicide prevention, mental health and addiction.

I have my story about my son Charles who died by suicide, real world examples shared with me by others and a blog that has literally changed lives and inspired people not to kill themselves and reach out for help. The blog I never thought anyone would care about had over a quarter million visits in its first 18 months.

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15 year old High School Student

“Anne Moss is one of the most resilient people I have ever encountered. She turned her grief into making the world a better place by tackling the critical public health threat of youth suicide. I have the utmost admiration for her and her work. She is articulate, genuine and can convey her message about saving young lives in an incredibly inspiring manner. It is a pleasure and privilege to work with her.” 
—-Lisa M. Horowitz, PhD, MPH, Staff Scientist/Clinical Psychologist NIMH, my co-presenter on the ASQ Suicide Screening tool 

Speaking Topics

All topics include stories on mental illness, addiction and suicide. See specific topics and takeaways on my espeakers profile

  • Turning Pain into Purpose: Inspiring stories from the Emotionally Naked blog 
  • How to Lead a Grassroots Effort on a Taboo Subject
  • An Emotionally Naked Look at Stigma  – Eliminating the stigma of mental illness and addiction
  • How I found hope after tragedy
  • Can addiction be prevented? –An innovative solution to teen substance misuse
  • Uncomfortable Content – A creative way to use SEO to save lives

I customize all topics to be relevant to your audience and can customize any of the above presentations to focus on addiction, mental illness, grief and suicide.

Limited Edition Topics

  • Why aren’t we screening for suicide? The ASQ Screening tool for youth suicide prevention (This presentation is one I do with Dr. Lisa Horowitz of NIMH or Dr. Abernathy of Pediatric and Adolescent Partners.)
  • Talk Saves Lives. American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (this is free locally through AFSP)

“Thank you so much for your visit to our jail and specifically the members of our Heroin Addiction Recovery Program (HARP). The education and awareness you brought to the often ignored topic of suicide was priceless and I know changed lives in that room. And I also learned from you myself! Beyond that the hope and inspiration you left them with will carry on in more ways than education, you will save lives! Emotionally Naked is a Godsend and a life saver. Keep up the great work!”
———–Sheriff Karl Leonard, Founder of HARP, Heroin Addicts Recovery Program, Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office

Where I have spoken

  • Venues: National Institute of Mental Health, donor events and conferences (keynote), YMCAs, schools, universities, jails, churches, civic groups,  chambers of commerce, women’s groups, trauma informed groups, addiction education and support groups, medical conferences, writer’s clubs,military bases, American Marketing Association, Mental Health symposiums and conferences, conferences (marketing, medical, sales), addiction education classes and recovery groups, addiction rallies, panels, legislature

To whom have I spoken

  • Audiences: Teens (YMCAs and schools), college and grad students, middle schoolers, teachers, counselors, doctors, nurses, interns, parents, grandparents, church members, enlisted men and officers, people with lived experience, employees, community, inmates
16-year-old High School Student

“Anne Moss educates through her powerful personal story of loss that serves as a wake-up call to the audience. Despite the heavy subject matter of the topic, I do not find her presentation dark and dismal, but surprisingly inspiring and full of hope.”
———–Dr. Ted Abernathy, Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners

“Watching Anne Moss present on the topics of teen mental health, drug addiction, and suicide is powerful and thought-provoking. The courage and passion she displays as she details her family’s journey, and her willingness to ‘put it all out there’ in the hopes of helping other families is amazing. Hearing about how she has been able to bring in her marketing expertise to drive traffic to her website and to suicide hotline numbers is fascinating and adds another component to her already compelling presentation.”
———–Margaret Thompson, Owner Richmond Family Magazine

“You have made such an impact on me and I strive to be emotionally naked because of your lead. You showed me how it was done and I gave it a try. I will never go back to the person I used to be and that is because of you and others that dare to be brave when everyone else just wants to hide.”
———–Jamie Smith, a person with lived experience

High School Student
High School Student

“Anne Moss was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning of our event. Since the first interaction, she wanted to know our expectations and audience so she would know how to adequately adjust her presentation. We loved her message and she exceeded our company’s vision for our event. She used her personal story as well as OUR local statistics to get the message across. We have heard so much positive feedback from attendees, employees and board members. Not to mention, Anne Moss is a charming and genuine individual even when she is not in ‘presentation-mode.’ Communication with Anne Moss was also very easy! Even with her busy schedule, she found the time to plan for our event. Highly recommend Anne Moss; moving story, amazing presentation.”
Kallie Butler, Wellstone Behavioral Health, Huntsville, AL


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Speaking Venues & Events


Wellstone Behavioral Health fundraiser, Huntsville, AL


Anne Moss Short Resume

See my bio page for resume and headshots. Graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Journalism with a concentration in advertising. I started my career at the Martin Agency as a copywriter. I’m a content marketing and social media expert, a former co-owner and Creative Director of a digital marketing firm that I sold in January 2017.

I am now Exec Dir of Beacon Tree Foundation, advocates for youth mental health, safeTalk certified and ASIST trained in suicide intervention and prevention, trauma informed basics training. I have been a mental health advocate since 2010.

Married, mother of two boys. One son, Richard, is living his dream as a filmmaker in Los Angeles. And the late Charles Aubrey Rogers, an up-and-coming rap artist who suffered from depression and addiction and died by suicide June 5, 2015.

“We received such amazing feedback from your presentation and the students gained such important knowledge and information that may help them when they are in the field and on the front lines working with individuals suffering from depression and addiction. Your story and experience provides a perspective that cannot be taught in a textbook that is invaluable to new clinicians entering the Social Work field.”
———–Julia Rice Stokes, MSW, LMSW, CLCP, Teacher, VCU School of Social Work

“Over the past year, I’ve been present as Anne Moss presented her incredibly important message to two student groups and two parent groups. She does a wonderful job speaking to both, but I especially appreciate how well she connects with teenagers. Teens are often a challenging connection to make, but Anne Moss does an amazing job at it. I can almost watch the barriers coming down as she shares her stories with them.”
———–Peter Landergan, Audio/Video Consultant

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Video on “Signs of Suicide” included in the online version of this front page newspaper article

Speaking Videos

Eyes on Richmond. Mental Illness and Suicide: Injustices to our Youth

“Your presentation style is so professional, with the warmth and passion needed for such an emotional story. We were totally captivated.”
———–Judy Harrison, Attendee

CareTalks hosted by McShin Foundation

My voice is very hoarse during this presentation but I get the point across. Grateful for the opportunity. More about McShin Foundation here on my site.

“Anne Moss’ talk is so inspirational a listener can actually feel time and touch reality.”
———–John Shinholser, Co-Founder, McShin Foundation

Heroes Among Us, Greg McQuade WTVR Channel 6

Copyright WTVR, Channel 6. Original video is here.  This is Greg McQuade’s award-winning brainchild and in this episode he dedicated 4:40 minutes to this topic. It’s typically 2:20 minutes. In air time, that is pure gold. I am so grateful that many who worked on this piece donated money to Beacon Tree.

Talk20 at Coalition Theatre

“I just left a very powerful #‎Talk20 at the Coalition Theater. I was most inspired by Anne Moss’ bravery to share her very personal story of her son’s addiction and his ultimate suicide last year. As someone who is a two-time suicide attempt survivor, this hits home and brought me to tears. It is very important that we bring attention to mental health in order to rid the shame and stigma that surrounds depression and suicide.  
———–26 year old suicide attempt survivor

Chamber of Commerce. Women Supporting Women in Business and in Social Media

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation. It was really two messages in one. I think we all needed to be reminded to think more objectively and look for the good in each other. I really enjoyed the screen shots of celebrities and asking the audience for their positive qualities. That was such fun, very engaging and really drove your point home.”
———–Kimberly Taylor, Titan Auto & tire

In the media

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