My suicide prevention program for middle and high school students

The #umatterchallenge program Feb 21, 2017.

Around August of 2015, two months after Charles’ suicide, I got the idea that I needed to develop a program for middle and high school students.

Of course, it didn’t come to me then. I was too overwhelmed with grief and my thoughts were too scrambled read more

Patched-up heart – #griefheart 78

Patched-up heart
Patched-up heart

A late birthday present from my oldest and dearest friend, Martha Carroll Bloom. (We are always fashionably late with gifts.)

“Dearest Anne Moss, I saw this heart and decided to donate it to your #griefheart project. The artist cried when I told her where the heart was going. Here’s praying read more

I think my child is abusing drugs. What can I do?

And your next thought might be, is my child addicted?  Or are they suffering from mental illness? Or both? If you are unsure they are using drugs, here are signs they may be.

I’m going to address this from the parent view and this is the beginner’s guide. If you want to know some good read more

Tree hugging heart – #griefheart 77

Tree hugging heart
Tree hugging heart

I saw this on our hike Sunday down by the river. I don’t believe in spray painting trees but here it was in our path already painted so I had to take a picture.

Charles must have been with us on this hike and given this tree a hug. It just made me feel good to see it and I took it as a sign.

What is the #griefheart project?

I read more

My heart will rebound – #griefheart 76


“I once held love in my hands, but she ran, and the pain snapped back like rubber bands.” –Verse for the Lonely, by Charles Aubrey Rogers

The truth is you can’t grieve if you’ve never loved. And I will never regret having had Charles or the love I shared with my read more

Forgiving myself

We have sketchy information on the last two weeks of Charles’ life.

And at one point he insists he’s not doing drugs and wants to come home. But we have had multiple drug tests that say otherwise.

We tell him he has rent paid up at the sober house and he needs to stay there first. All he read more

Weeping Heart – #griefheart 76

Weeping heart
Weeping heart

The car is second only to the shower when it comes to best places to cry. Sometimes it’s a memory that triggers the tears. Sometimes it’s a song on the radio that reminds me of Charles. I am not afraid of them nor am I ashamed of them.

Letting them out brings relief and reminds me how much I read more

Burned Heart – #griefheart 75

Burned heart
Burned heart

Sometimes it does feel like a hole has been burned in my heart. While that hole will never be completely filled, I believe it can heal. Giving back and being part of something bigger than yourself is part of that process.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

See all # read more

Eternal Love – #griefheart 74

Eternal love

Charles may have died but my love for him never will.  It burns eternal in my soul.

From Charles:

“So play this when your day is gray when hope is dim
When happiness is growing slim
Listen to me rap then reverse the grim
Burn the hurt, let my words do the work”

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart read more