Scamming bereaved parents


The lowest form of life is a scammer that scams parents who’ve just lost a child. These are the ones that Richmond, VA moms including me have experienced.

My advice is that if you have a friend that has lost a child, step in and help where you can because it’s unlikely parents are read more

Pair of pebble hearts – #griefheart number 157

Pair of pebble hearts

The heart of mother and child are a pair forever.  This sweet pair of pebble hearts sent to me by my friend, Melissa and reminded me of mine and Charles’ heart. Together forever.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

See all #griefhearts read more

Suicide. So why are we not asking the question?

Why are we not asking the question, “Have you had thoughts of suicide?” Or, “Are you thinking about harming yourself?”

Here’s why you are not asking it.

1. We don’t know to ask it

It simply doesn’t occur to us that someone would go to lengths that drastic. Except someone else who’s read more

Living the dream heart – #griefheart number 155

Living the dream heart
Living the dream heart

My friend Shirley sent me this heart. Living the Dream Foundation an organization started in Culpepper, VA. The foundation and this #griefheart is in memory of Ben Long who suffered from depression and addiction and died by suicide like my son, Charles.

The Foundation works to increase community read more

Facebook LIVE: Could suicide happen in your family?

How to talk to someone who is contemplating suicide:

1 Ask if you can talk to them in private

2. Ask open-ended questions:

  • You have not seemed like yourself lately?
  • Anything bothering you?
  • How are you doing?
  • Is everything OK?

3. Listen to their story

4. Have you thought about hurting yourself or ending your life?

5. Encourage them to seek mental health services/treatment

6. Remind them it takes courage to do this but it’s the smart thing to do

One other read more

Puzzled heart – #griefheart number 154

Puzzled heart
Puzzled heart

My heart is often puzzled. Why did this happen? Why didn’t I know? Why wouldn’t he admit to suffering from depression?

I can only speculate and his lyrics have helped me figure it out as much as I will ever know. It’s just really hard to put the pieces of your life back together read more

Who’d have thought my child’s worst enemy was in his own head?

charles-headphonesI protected my child from cars in the street. I worried when he got sick and ran a high fever. I feared he’d die in a car accident, get childhood cancer or be abducted.

I worried about a drug overdose, a drowning or even a shooting.

It never occurred to me that my child’s worst read more

Oyster heart – #griefheart number 152

Oyster heart
Oyster heart

This oyster heart reminds me of all the family beach trips we took over the years at the Outer Banks. The last trip we took, Charles was suffering a depressive episode and it was hard to get him out of the basement room. He always denied suffering from depression which makes you truly feel helpless read more