Dear Heroin, I F-ing HATE you!

You are the sorriest, most vicious, demonic son of a bitch in the world.

You took over my child at his most vulnerable and you lured him into your lair of deceit. Then wrapped your evil talons around him, leaked into his brain and never let go until he was dead.

Picture credit Scientific American
Picture credit Scientific American

You told him that he was the greatest read more

Heart of Hope – #griefheart number 24

Heart of Hope

So days and days of rain. I go to improv last night and one of my class mates says, “Did you see that rainbow earlier?” No, I missed it!

So I take the dog out for a walk today. Still no rainbow. But wait. There is one. I was looking in the wrong place. It’s not in the sky, it’s read more

Men get little support in grief

greatest-struggleI was recently talking with a Dad who lost his son. He mentioned that his best friend was often by his side but never openly spoke about the death of his son, leaving him no real options for talking about the devastating loss other than his wife and the occasional chance meetings with someone read more

Shattered Heart – #griefheart number 23

#griefheart broken hearted
Broken Hearted

Broken glass to sum up how my heart is feeling today. Enough said.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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Graffiti Heart – #griefheart number 22

graffiti heart
Graffiti Heart

Graffiti Heart – #griefheart number 22
My cousin Lee Anne was down at Manchester area of Richmond, Virginia where they were painting murals. I was with her the first day and she went back for day 2.

She asked one of the artists to paint a heart in the middle of his project. And so there is now a read more

Drug addiction is like a diet. Sort of

I know recovery from addiction is far more difficult with a much higher price tag than a diet. But there are similarities from my point of view.

Think about it. You go on a diet and you cut things out that you identify as the culprits to being overweight.

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Piece of my Heart – #griefheart number 21

Piece of My Heart
Piece of My Heart

I had my Richmond, VA cousins over and made this cake. It was a nice evening. My cousin Mel just lost her Dad and instead of taking her food, we had everyone over. A piece of my heart will always be missing especially at family get togethers. Charles loved family more than anything. He talked about read more

Love, by Chaney’s Hands – #griefheart number 20

Love by Chaney's Hands
Love by Chaney’s Hands

Chaney is my #griefheart today. It’s not just “my” journey, this is a journey for millions of people suffering a suicide loss. And today, this heart is in honor of Chaney Corley who was only 13 when she died by suicide in September of 2015.

I met Tony and Angel Blackmon online read more

Sometimes in My Dreams Cal’s Song, Part 2

by Charles Aubrey Rogers

This is real shit, not crap rap,
The park I used to trap at is next to the tunnel where Cal took his last nap.
Just a coupla weeks away from graduation,
He was supposed to have that gown and tassled cap hat.
Cosby was where he was supposed to grad at,
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All Heart – #griefheart number 19

All Heart

Charles was all heart and This is part of a card sent to Charles by his beloved theatre group in his sophomore year (I think) in high school and Mrs. Fretwell, his favorite teacher ever. Charles had cracked his skull, supposedly on a skateboard accident. But later we found out he’d cracked read more