Bizarre heart – #griefheart 73

Bizarre Heart
Bizarre Heart

Charles loved the bizarre. The odder it was, the better. From the jokes he told to the raps he wrote, he saw the world from a unique viewpoint. Which is what made him so special.

I have to wonder about the artist that created this. Nobody normal cooks up an iron pig with a heart, right? Just the read more

Holding onto hope heart – #griefheart 72

Holding onto hope heart
Holding onto hope heart

Even though I’ve suffered the most devastating loss of my life, I can never lose hope. And for those who suffer suicidal thoughts, or have a loved one who does, please don’t let that last shred of hope ever escape.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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Saturday Charles

Charles sent this to a friend while in detox
Charles sent this to a friend while in detox

Charles wasn’t living at home at the time of his suicide.

Not because we had thrown him out or asked to leave the house due to his drug use. He had been stealing from us (almost all my silver was gone) and we sent him to his grandparents so we could figure out our next step. It was their idea read more

Stop the pain in my heart – #griefheart 71

Stop the pain in my heart
Stop the pain in my heart

There are times I feel boxed in a room with no exit– the hurt and ache surrounding me so completely I can’t breathe. I don’t even want to move. How long does this last? When will it stop? Make it stop!

Even now, I have that same feeling of wanting to escape, of feeling smothered read more

Father’s Day heart – #griefheart 70

Father's Day Heart
Father’s Day Heart

Whether it’s a healthcare related death, an overdose death or a suicide, this #griefheart is dedicated to the Dads who are grieving the loss of a child.

You may also be celebrating with other children, your own Dad but you read more

My birthday heart – #griefheart 69

My birthday heart
My birthday heart

Today is my birthday. Richard came home but of course Charles is only here in spirit. Miss my boy who died by suicide a lot today.

Thank you for all the notes, texts and calls. I was so happy to see my friend who is incarcerated today. When he walked in the pod I burst into tears because it was such read more

Stormy heart – #griefheart 68

Stormy heart
Stormy heart

So my cousin Lee Anne and I are coming back from after lunch today and both of our necks snap as we spot this off in the distance.

This tree is all split all up from the violent thunderstorm last night–large tree limbs everywhere. She and I spotted this from the car off in the distance at read more

Relive the love – #griefheart 67


When you lose someone you love to suicide, you want a replay, to go back and try again. Just one more chance. Just one more hug. Your heart replays the scenarios over and over until it hurts. As time goes on, you forgive yourself more but sometimes relapse to the replay.

Life has no reverse or read more

Hold onto hope

hold-hopeFrom a young lady, 26, a suicide survivor who attended my recent presentation at Coalition Theater Talk20 in Richmond, Virginia on the #griefheart project.

She came home and posted this on her Facebook page. Made me cry. So very brave.  And I can’t help but cry again as I post it. read more

Love of drama – #griefheart 66

Love of drama
Love of drama

Charles loved the stage. And it loved him. Stand up comedy, rapping, plays. I spoke here June 15, 2016 in Richmond, VA about our journey since losing him to suicide at age 20 and the #griefheart project. Such a supportive crowd for Talk20 Richmond. I read more