Three years since Nick’s suicide

by Sandy LaSalle

Three years ago, my world stopped when I learned my son, Nick, who so proudly graduated with a BS in Physics from VA Tech, was never coming home. How I miss him! I recall first hearing,
“Nick is deceased,” from my ex.

How do you go on? Thankfully I did not have to consciously ...  read more

Happy holidays from my family to yours

I want to spend time with the fam watching stupid movies and digesting turkey so I went for the easy cliche. That empty seat does hurt but it helps to be surrounded by family. And all during our Charles crises, they were there for us. After, they were there for us. No one in my family blamed anyone ...  read more

Thank you to my parents for loving me through my addiction

by Tiffani Borello

Thank you to my parents for loving me through my addiction
Tiffani’s dad on the left. Pic on the right shows her grandmother, brother, sister, Tiffani and her mom. One of her siblings at bottom of article.

Dear Mom and Dad, This letter to you is long overdue, and it took me a while to build the courage to write this to you two. First off, I want to thank you. Thank you for always being there and picking me up when I fell down.

You’ve invested so much time, sweat, pain, tears, and ...  read more

My addiction landed me at Rikers Island

by Tiffani Borello

My addiction landed me at Rikers Island

I lived on an island. On this island there were no tropical palm trees, beautiful resorts, or restaurants. This is the island I lived on for a year when I just turned 21 is called Riker’s Island which is a penitentiary.

During my active addiction I was desperate for money and ...  read more

Christmas heart—#griefheart number 291

Wreath heart

Crushed ornaments and greenery from a fallen tree make a perfect #griefheart. The holidays are hard and for the first time since Charles’ suicide in 2015, we have a small Christmas tree. And some lights because I like lights, especially in the dark.

The tree has all the ornaments the kids made ...  read more

My best friend died of anorexia

by Kendall Baker

Trigger warning: Strong Emotional Content.  

My best friend died of anorexia
My best friend died of anorexia

I kissed the top of her head and walked toward the door.  I paused.  I knew this was it.  I turned around to look at her and try to memorize her image, an image I barely recognized due to her physical state.  

“I’ll ...  read more

Bad news. Good news

Trigger warning: Strong emotional Content and suicide method mentioned briefly.

Many of you know I have written articles here for the express purpose of showing up at the top of the Google when people are looking for ways to die. I often have asked you to share them to help them reach that destination ...  read more

Addicted, pistol whipped, raped. Help came from the most unlikely source

by Courtney Nunnally

My name is Courtney and I’ve been in recovery from heroin addiction for five and a half years.

Addiction can happen to anyone and believe a lot of my issues stem from my childhood. When I was four years old my brother was killed in an accident then my mom was killed in an ...  read more

So how did it feel standing on the TEDx stage?

It felt freaking great. Someone asked me if I was glad it was over and I said, “No!” I loved that audience, my fellow speakers and I had a grand time. While back stage, we all felt nervous but I stared at the big red dot from the wings and I whispered to my fellow speakers, “We are ...  read more