Happy f–ing mother’s day

Fortunately, my “grief rash” (hives really) has cleared up thanks to Stephanie and her husband telling me what it was.

I got my mother’s day hives last week. With the help of Benadryl, it’s cleared up. Weird I get all these rashes during grieving season. And then they go away after the June fifth death anniversary. Poof! They vanish.

That read more

How do I support a friend whose child is struggling?

When Charles was alive and not doing well, people didn’t mention him when I needed to talk the most. There were a few friends who would listen but for the most part, no one wanted to know. No one asked.

A friend of mine had a child struggling from a medical condition. Everyone asked her read more

Familiar and new faces in Huntsville, AL at Wellstone Fundraiser!

Denise K and Anne Moss Rogers

I have known Denise since the days I did digital marketing for Diamonds by Lauren of NY. Denise handled customer service. I posted I would be in Huntsville, AL and Denise lives near there and came to meet me and hear me speak. It was so exciting meeting her in person. And I had noticed an uptick of read more

I don’t want anyone to know our son is addicted to drugs

By any mom with an addicted child

We have a son who is addicted to heroin. I wonder where I failed. I torture myself with those thoughts.

Watching my child self destruct is agonizing. I can’t understand what happened. We talked about drugs and alcohol with our children. We have taken away the read more

Godwin High School No Eagle Left Behind Club

This group raises awareness of mental illness and substance use disorder. The students have come up with the ideas and once a week in home room are presenting or doing an activity related to mental health. Last week it was Kevin Hines Golden Gate Bridge video.

I went in today to show them read more

Heart of a blue bird—#griefheart number 284

I got this card from a dear neighbor, Roxann, on Charles’ birthday week. We used to live across the street from her family and watched her kids grow up before they moved away around middle school. They were the best neighbors. She and her husband have two lovely daughters.

So in the card, read more

Virginia Recovery Foundation Fundraiser at Lunch and Supper

The lovely Jenny Derr, a contributing writer here on Emotionally Naked and fellow warrior in the fight to eradicate stigma as it relates to Substance Use Disorder, attended the Virginia Recovery Foundation (VRF) fundraiser. My friend Stephanie came with me but we forgot to take a photo!

VRF is read more

The tree before and after

There is a tree near the Nickel Bridge and Byrd Park in Richmond. After a storm in June of 2016, it looked ragged, and broken. All the trees around it had leaves and branches.

This one looked singed by lightning– alone and naked. Among it’s grove mates, it had been devastated. It had read more

What did I do with Charles’ ashes?

So my husband and I wanted something funky to hold Charles’ ashes. We finally picked them up from the funeral home on his birthday. Well, my husband did. And we chose this basket online from Etsy on the far left–with the tassels. I sort of copied what Tamara did for Logan. She got read more

Sex and intimacy after loss of a child to suicide

One of these is from a mom whose child has suffered previous suicide attempts and it still alive. Having a child struggle is also a damper to a sex life. Unfortunately, no dudes responded so it’s only moms. This is as honest and emotionally naked as it gets.

Finding the energy to whip up read more