Radio interview with Kay Thomas from Alpha Media in Richmond, VA

I got a call to fill in for Shirley Ramsey, board member for the Virginia Chapter of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, for a radio interview with Kay Thomas of Alpha Media, which owns several radio stations in the area.

The subject was the Out of the Darkness Walk in Richmond, VA.


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Facebook LIVE: Coming back to life after a suicide attempt


Love and friendship – #griefheart number 145

From Kelly Greer about her granddaughter’s friend, Paris.

“Our granddaughter’s childhood friend took her own life this Spring (2016). She was only 14 years old. Those girls were inseparable. This is handprint art they made with a print from each of their hands. Her name was Paris. She was beautiful and we miss her.”

This is what the #griefheart project is all about. Being able to honor and share memories of those we miss who have died by suicide.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

See all #griefhearts so far on pinterest or on … Read more...

How does someone go back to school after a suicide attempt?

I have had this conversation with moms and with student suicide survivors who did go back to school. I will not attempt to give any instructions here because I am out of my league and we did not face this.

This is not something I would have given any thought to 6 years ago.

If there’s one thing I hear from suicide survivors it’s how surprised they were that they found themselves in such a dark place. They are often stressed and ashamed. And frightened. They can’t quite figure out what made them attempt suicide and they are afraid it … Read more...

Talking to the air


Other moms and dads who’ve lost a child know what I mean.

That precious being that gave our life meaning is gone. And now we do things like talk to them out loud. In the car. In our homes. While walking the dog. And sometimes in the grocery store.

We ask our child questions. We ask them to watch over their friends. We ask them for strength to deal with not having them there. We tell them how much we miss them and have bat-sh*t crazy one-way discussions on things we’re trying to figure out.

We ask for a sign …

Hugs and kisses heart – #griefheart 144

Charles was my affectionate child. He wanted to sit in my lap as a toddler, he wanted hugs and a kiss good night. He craved and thrived on affection. That is a mother’s dream! Charles was always the one that made a home made card and did sweet special things like ask me out to lunch and feel badly for me when I was hurt or ill. Boy do I miss that!

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

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Facebook LIVE: Coming back to life after a suicide attempt

See this on Facebook (has all the comments)
Important highlights:
  • Recovery from mental illness is ongoing and not always perfect
  • Medication is a customized process that will take time
  • Suicide is the result of mental illness and seeing no other way out
  • For some, medication is an absolute necessity to prevent suicidal ideation and maintain a livable life
  • Family and a support system is vital to maintaining a recovery with mental illness
  • Looking for a therapist? If you can’t get a referral look online for your mental illness issue and then ask the receptionist
  • How do you broach the subject

SpeakUp heart – #griefheart number 143

The SpeakUp5k is an event intended to inspire conversation about mental illness. I went alone and right before it started, a young lady named Bethany came up and introduced herself and we ran together. She knew Charles and she was also friends Cal Riley who died by suicide almost 2 years to the day before Charles.

I had been having a very difficult day up until then and I wondered if I would be crying during the whole race but meeting Bethany brightened me up. We both believe our guardian angels brought us together.

Thank you Jenny Derr, mother of …

Don’t talk me out of my tears


I am a grieving mother. Even though it’s been over a year, I have moments of sadness when I want, need, to cry. Not a wail fest followed by a flood of tears. Just a tearful moment.

I don’t always need to be distracted, or talked out of my tears. I need to release them, have you understand and just let me talk about my son for a minute.

Tears aren’t a contagious disease or a sign of weakness but a testament that I loved someone that I lost. It means I am trusting you enough to let you see that side of me … Read more...

Hole in my heart – #griefheart number 142

This “hole in my heart” from Ellen who lost her son from an overdose and as a result she and her husband have become advocates and facilitate peer support and outreach to those who have lost a loved one to an overdose.

This is not just suicide awareness month but recovery month as well. This #griefheart in honor of all the moms and dads that have suffered loss from the overdose.

What is the #griefheart project?

I explain my #griefheart project here.

See all #griefhearts so far on pinterest or on this blog by #griefheart category.

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Empty heart – #griefheart number 141

Somedays you feel like an empty shell–the grief so heavy your heart hurts. I miss my boy every day. And some days it’s so much harder. Today was one of those days.

I loved how Charles would ask me to lunch, give me hugs and come seek me out to talk to me. He’d remind Richard to get me a birthday card and Charles would always draw one especially for me. It was always hilarious. I ache I miss that so much because no one else really invests himself like he did to let another person know they matter. There … Read more...